Located in beautiful Hauser Lake, Idaho, Reinhold Jung founded Add-Vintage Motors in 1991 and the business has flourished ever since. Reinhold has over 30 years experience in automobile restorations. His fascination with classic cars began in his teen years. He bought a beat up ’57 Chevy with money saved from working in his father’s machine shop, Southern California’s Therjun Engineering, as a child. With a little help and guidance from Dad, he restored the Chevy into a beautiful street racer, which he still drives today.  


In The Beginning...

 After high school, Reinhold graduated from UTI Technical Institute for Mechanics with honors. He then landed a job with Stadium Pontiac in Anaheim, California, where he aided in the creation of the 1986 Stadium Pontiac Trans Am. This vehicle achieves speeds of 205 MPH and passed Southern California EPA with flying colors. After working on numerous pit crews on widely-known race teams and achieving his Porsche Master Technician credentials, Reinhold began restoring vintage race cars and building Cobra replicas from his garage. 

...Still Running

 Today, Reinhold and his employees continue to build show-winning automobiles in any class. The shop is equipped to handle anything from body, paint, and mechanical to upholstery and electrical. To make a long story short, Add-Vintage Motors is a one-stop auto restoration shop. Reinhold’s favorite saying is, “If a part doesn’t exist, I’ll make it.” And he’s proven his point many times over with all of his satisfied customers.