Tools of the Trade

 Add-Vintage Motors has some of the best tools in the industry for restoration and race car projects. Tools you won’t find in most restoration shops. Our experience coupled with all the latest equipment and certifications allow us to produce some of the best work in the country. 



 Only the highest quality paint jobs come out of this spotless booth. We strictly use Akzo Nobel’s Sikkens paint supplies, considered THE best auto paint available in the industry. Add-Vintage has completed many award-winning stock and custom paint jobs, including pin-striping and custom auto graphics. 

Engine Dyno


 One of the best engine dynos made is the SuperFlow SF-901. Running tests on your engine with this machine provides you with documented results of over 35 different engine diagnostics tests. Testing your race or high-performance engine on the SF-901 increases performance and reliability. Dyno available for straight engine time on a daily-fee basis. Call for more information. 

English Wheel


 This tool came into being about 100 years ago. Evolving through the European coach building trades, this tool most likely began as a big improvement on a small hand tool known as the fender smoother. As time went on, it was realized a larger and sturdier version known as the english wheel would be forming sheet metal into compound shaped panels from a flat sheet. To make a long story short, this tool can create compound fenders from flat sheet metal material. 

Auto Body Rotisserie


This is an important tool for any auto restoration shop. An auto body rotisserie can turn your vehicle 360 degrees. True auto restoration means removing body rot from places that are hard to find. The rotisserie eases the process of body repair and paint, while saving time and labor.

Additional Services and Tools


Other tools include a glass beader, extensive welding equipment and metal fabrication tools which allow us to deliver custom and exact-replica parts that are no longer being manufactured.